Solar Street Lights

Solar Products

Manufacturer & Supplier of Solar Street Lights & Solar CFL Street Lights. Our product range also comprises of LED Products, Solar Home Light System and Solar Garden Lights.


Solar LED Street Lights


  • 9w, 12w, 18w
  • Solar Panel - 40w , 75w
  • Battery : 12v-40Ah / 12v - 75Ah
  • Pole Size : 15 ft / 3 Inch.
  • Inbuilt Solar Charge Controller Circuit
  • Battery Box
  • Dusk to Dawn Operation

Integrated Solar Street Lights

Available with us is a comprehensive range of Solar Street Lights which are endowed with automatic on/off time switch for twilight to down operation and used at road, yards, colonies, campus and townships. These solar street lights are offered with PL-9, PL- 11 and PL-18 lamps and battery storage backup, which guarantees long operational hours of light.

Solar Garden Lights


  • Better illumination Capacity
  • Low obsorption or retention Value
  • Environment Friendly
  • Simple Installation
  • Automatic dusk to dawn operation
  • Attractive design

Solar Charge Controller


  • 12V / 24V DC Operating voltage
  • Available in 5A, 10A
  • Compact Size
  • Dusk to dawn operation
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