Solar Power Generation System

Solar Power Generation System

Manufacturer & Supplier of Solar Power Generation System. Our product range also comprises of LED Products, Solar Home Light System and Solar Garden Lights.

Solar Products

Solar Panels


  • Available in 3w to 290w
  • Easy to install
  • Long Life span
  • High efficiency

Solar On-Grid Systems

"ON GRID or Grid —connected": systems are the systems that are connected to the utility grid through a special inverter. These systems are more . prevalent in "Free-in-Tariff' Applications. These systems could be either be Roof Top mounted or Free Field Installation based on the size and capacity.

On grid solar energy is by far the cheapest from when compared to off grid solar energy. By generating your own electricity you reduce your electrical bill and in some cases may generate money by running the meter backwards (net metering). Usually you can achieve net metering during the day when all your appliances are off. This net metering or extra power is sold to the utility company through a program offered that you must sign up for. Also green power is handy during power failures so long as you have sunlight for your on grid solar system. A major benefit of these systems include the ability to be expanded as Finances allow, they work against global warming on your own personal level, reduced Electrical bills, security with backup systems, and remote availability of electricity.

Component of the On-Grid Sysytem:

  • Solar Panel
  • Solar On-Grid Inverter
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Mounting Structure
  • PV Array Boxes
  • Cable and Accessories

Key Benifits:

  • Silent non Polluting & Renewable
  • Can be installed & expanded easily
  • Extremely reliable with minimal maintenance
  • Good saving in electricity bill
  • Can be expandable any time
  • Income Tax benefits.



Solar Products

Solar Off-Grid Systems

Solar Power Solutions for Petrol Pumps r Our solar power solution serves as an excellent solution for Petrol Pumps level electrification due to extremely remote location of petrol Pumps where grid electricity is available for few hours or not available at all. We install solar power panels to provide enough power that helps in efficiently operating fuel guns and office equipment. These panels support multiple fuel gun operation and switch automatically and spontaneously between the grids causing no harm to client. It is more advantageous than diesel generator. Use of solar energy in petrol pumps has proven to offer reliable operations of dispensing units even in load shedding hours. The dispensing units last long as the solar system provides superior power quality.


  • Can be used on pre installed inverters
  • Economic, Smaller, hybrid systems with battery banks
  • Best solution for places with DG usage of more than 8 hrs
  • Saves on monthly expenditure on consumption of diesel used in DG sets
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • No voltage fluctuations
  • Can work in synchronization with Grid & DG sets
  • Really long life ( Solar panels - 25 yrs; Electronic devices - 10yrs)
  • Zero maintenance
  • Easily expandable at minimal costs
  • Income tax benefits


  • Solar Modules 0.5 KWp to 20 KWp
  • Batteries 12V Lead acid
  • Power conditioning Unit 0.5 KVA to 20 KVA
  • Mounting Structure MS Painted/ Galvanized (hot dipped)

Solar Products

Solar Water Pump

Solar park also available in Institution, Farm House, Malls, Banks, Poly House, Industries up to 50 Kw


  • Ability to operates both solar and electricity (Day & Night)
  • Galvanised body for rubustness and long life
  • Able to pump water depth up to 500 ft
  • Operates even in cloudy environment


  • Drip Irrigation
  • Drinking Water for societies & Village
  • Agriculture
  • Poly House

Solar Products

SOLAR Home UPS / Inverter

650VA, 850VA, 1450VA, 1050VA, 2200VA


  • Specially designed for Solar Application
  • No humming noise (Silent UPS)
  • Deep discharged battery charged
  • More back-up being sine wave UPS
  • Select switch for High charging and Low charging


  • Power back-up for house hold as well as the computer
  • T.V. sets Fans, Tube Lights etc.
  • Small Water pump and motor based small application
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